I was tagged by cheese-buns-of-steel

List the first 10 songs that come up on your shuffle.

1. Gravity, Metaphorically- Touché Amore 
2. Shared Bodies- Pianos Become The Teeth 
3. Rock Bottom- Modern Baseball
4. Five Beer Plan- Joyce Manor
5. Notes- Modern Baseball
6. Akiko- Caspian
7. History Reshits Itself- Touché Amore
8. Pent Up In A Bind- Foxing
9. Sunsetting- Pianos Become The Teeth
10. Pothole- Modern Baseball

My iPod wasn’t being very good at shuffling, apparently. Hahahaha

I’ll tag dreamwalker912 sincerelysadscott dclxvi-xiii my-vital-signs thecrystalcatstles

Tagged my five favorite blogs to do this so hopefully I can get some cool new music out of this.