Woke up to my power being cut off because the bill was $20 short. Even though it was taken automatically out of the bank. I then had to pay an extra $100 same day reconnection fee. Promptly after paying, I got a text letting me know my phone is being cut Saturday. Which I now don’t have the money for because I had to pay a reconnection fee. HAHA FUCK YEAH THINGS JUST KEEP GOING UP, UP, UP! ᕕ[ ᐛ ]ᕗ

"You only ever remembered me when you were being forgotten."

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"If the ocean can calm itself, so can you. We are both salt water mixed with air."

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Fuck. I just want a pack of cigarettes so badly right now, but I’ve been doing so good about quitting. Today has just been one of the toughest days I’ve faced in a very long time. It feels like I’m just self destructing before anything can touch me.